What is Prizma?

Prizma shows your videos to the right viewers at the right moment.

Video Discovery

Add video recommendations to your website to instantly drive deeper user engagement, more video views, and new revenue.

Smart Syndication

Syndicate your video content to target users on quality sites in our partner ecosystem. Content optimizes automatically.


Engagement. Measured. Use best-in-class metrics to discover what content resonates and why.

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How does it work?

Prizma puts the user's context at the center of everything.

The User's Context

Prizma takes the user's context and uses our recommendation engine, built on patented technologies, to deliver highly relevant video content even from a cold start—that is, even if we've never seen that user before. learn more

Prizma Partner Content

Whether you're recirculating your own videos, distributing them from the Prizma Partner Network, or both, Prizma pulls only the most engaging videos from the library: the ones your viewer is most likely to watch. start syndicating

context plus content (and a simple JavaScript embed) creates a widget like this one on your site

It's easy to set up a Prizma widget on your site! Prizma supports all major content management systems and many video players. The Prizma widget is highly customizable. Learn about integrating with Prizma and customizing Prizma at Prizma Docs.

Prizma Analytics

Once the widget's on your site, you'll gain access to the insights of the Prizma Analytics Dashboard. Prizma provides traditional analytics—view counts, view times, distribution, and so on. But Prizma's unique end user-focused approach allows us to provide analytics that furnish a deeper understanding of your users than was previously possible. What kind of video content is resonating with them? What do they care about? What are their goals? Using this information, you are able to tailor your content strategy in a new and exciting way.

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Why Prizma?

Prizma packs impressive partners and performance.

2 average number of extra videos Prizma viewers watch per session
80% of viewers complete a pre-roll ad and continue to the video
>30% engagement time increase from Prizma End Slate recommendations

The Prizma Partner Network

Our hand-curated network of publishers and video creators includes some of digital media's most revered brands (examples featured below) and is growing every day. By using Prizma to distribute partner content or to syndicate your videos, your site is guaranteed to be paired with top-notch video (or vice versa)! join it today